1 can 2 can

One of the more classic online slots, 1 Can 2 Can has five reels and three lines. You can play one or multiple coins per line. You’ll also notice that the symbols are typically birds, with nine aces, as well as more standard fruit and vegetable symbols. There’s also a gamble feature that lets you increase your winnings. This can be beneficial for players who’d rather gamble than wait for a big win.

The game has 25 paylines. You can adjust your bet per line by clicking on the lines adjacent to the birds. The total bet will equal the bet per line, divided by the number of active paylines. You can also activate the Fruity Free Games feature by hitting 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. When you win, you’ll receive 10 free spins. You can also continue to play until you win the jackpot.

The 1Can 2 Can slot machine has 12 symbols. You’ll find two Scatter symbols and a Wild symbol. The lowest-valued symbols are the 9 and 10. When you land on them, you’ll win a payout of between five and fifty times the amount you bet per line. The higher-valued symbols, like the J and Q, will award you between 50 and 100x the total bet. The Gecko and Flowers and Feathers symbols will give you a payout of 25x to 250x.