Viking gods: thor and loki

The Viking gods were elves, men with human characteristics, and lords of the North. They had their own personalities and stories. Despite their superhuman powers, they were often just regular people with supernatural abilities. The elves were the aesir, a group of gods who lived in Asgard. The books of the Prose Edda mention both Thor and Loki. The depictions of Saint Olaf, the son of the Norwegian chieftain Lorikus, adopted features of Thor. The wooden statue can be found at Sankt Olofs kyrka in Scania.

As the supreme Norse god, Odin was the ruler of Asgard and Allfather of the Aesir. He was a powerful and revered immortal who was on a quest for knowledge. Along with his mighty axe, he was accompanied by ravens, wolves, and the Valkyries, who helped him with his quest for knowledge. This game was inspired by the Viking mythology, so you can bet that the graphics are quite impressive. Besides being visually impressive, it also has great bonus features. Free spins are available in the Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Slot.

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